Drone SnowBoarding: DroneBoarding or SnowBoard with Drone pulling

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A snowboarder in Latvia employed an drone to show a brand new perspective about the activity, named " boarding."

The movie, published to facebook by Kaspars Balamovskis,

displays an enormous Aerones drone being prepped while looking an extended string in Riga and removing.

A snowboarder holds onto another end-of the string and it is obtained on the crazy journey similar to water skiing.

The movie features video saved with a GoPro camera in addition to video shot from the vehicle following a snowboarder installed towards the snowboarder herself.

His buddies and a snowboarder are suffering from a drone effective enough to pull along them on the board.

Within the movie Kaspars Balamovskis is visible cutting through the ideal about the smooth forgotten airfield in Riga, Latvia.

His buddies and Mr Balamovskis,

  • Oskars Princis, 
  • Janis Zemitis, 
  • and Janis Putrams, 

created the model from aerospace grade aluminum and carbonfibre.

Mr Putrams stated:
“We had created a model test drone that had the ability to bring 100kg and all of US like snowboarding therefore thought drive it would be tested by us out in an enjoyable way.
“Latvia can be a very smooth region and thus it had been an excellent region as there is lots of clean powdery snow along with a smooth surface.”
in order to board using the drone

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